Add a test/practice session in Articulate

I am preparing a presentation which has quiz slides. One of the Quiz slide has a practice session. By this I mean, there is an audio file which the learner is supposed to hear and then document them in a word file. I would not like to make this as a quiz and have this as just a practice slide. But the audio is too large. How do I squeeze it? Also i like to add a slide which allows learner to practice and that will not be used as a Tracking method to LMS? any suggestion please share.

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Siddharth and welcome to Heroes? What specifically do you mean by your audio is too large? When you publish a presentation, you need to select what specific quiz you want tracked. So if I'm understanding you correctly, you could make more than one quiz for them to practice with and then select a specific quiz to be the one you actually track.

Clashing Dragon


As mentioned I have added a quiz slide which has 2 questions and one of them has a audio file attached. the file size is 79MB. The learner is supposed to listen to the audio and then identify the correct answer and provide. I have such similar multiple quizzes. After i Publish the entire presentation and try and upload to LMS, i am not able to do so.. The LMS gets kicked out after.