Add-in for PP keeps getting removed

Is there an update or later version, or maybe a patch release for Studio ’09. For some odd reason, mine keeps removing the Add-on in Powerpoint, when PP opens it states that there is no update available on Articulate, without me checking, and Engage and Quizmaker keeps on failing to open. Not sure if the installation files I have, got corrupted?

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David Anderson

Hey David -

First off, I'm sorry this keeps happening. It's not uncommon for PPT to lose the add-on once in a while, but this isn't something you should see as often as you're describing.

Can you tell us the version of Studio you have? You can find it via Articulate > Help and Support > About Articulate Presenter

You can also download the latest update from here: Articulate Studio ’09 Pro

If Engage and Quizmaker aren't opening, it could be a Flash player issue. Have you also tried downloading the latest Flash player?