Add Unclassified Banner to Presenter?

I have researched and researched... now I am asking!

I have a client that needs an Unclassified banner (strip of text box at bottom of slide colored green with UNCLASS centered) as well as the classification label (UNCLASS)  at the TOP of each page... - clearly, this is a Master on PPT.. but what about those Engage items?  I would prefer it be on the Presenter template so that it is consistently visible... any ideas out there? This carries over to more important projects where I need this banner to change to other classifications... anyone out there with this same situation?  Forever grateful!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tammy,

I'm not sure if this would work for you, but I wanted to share a quick suggestion. You could use shapes and text in PowerPoint to create the look of a banner. You could use the same one on the top and bottom of the Slide Master, so it carried out through each slide. The only issue with this is, depending on your Engage interaction, you may not be able to work in the same type of effect. However, what you could do is add some additional text to your Engage interaction(s) to somewhat carry this through.

This is a very rough example, but maybe it'll help to get you started with what you'd like to accomplish. 

Hopefully we'll see some additional feedback from other community members that have worked with something similar. I'd love to see some examples!

Good luck with the project, Tammy

Tammy Sellers

Thanks Christine... I have it on the PPT master --- my issue is to get that same seamless look and feel  for Engage... here is was creating Engage interactions and templated color schemes to cnovert back to PPT master, and totally was not thinking about this banner... I have to have it on the Engage part too.... so that is why I was thinking that it could go on the Presenter Template... I have a bad feeling,but thinking it cannot... any way to alter the xml files on Presenter template and get there?  It  is a requriement for many government cntracts, so I am thinking someone out there much smarter than I has found the answer to this challenge.

Thank you so much for your xample!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Tammy,

Unfortunately, we can't give any suggestions or support for altering the XML files or output files, but maybe someone else around here can give some information. You might also want to post over in the Building Better Courses section - maybe you'll get a little more exposure and feedback there

Feel free to share any information you share, though. I'm really curious to see if this works out.


Paul Kornman

I did a test (with a Glossary Interaction) and I think I have a solution for you. I can give more specific details, but here's the general idea.

1) Publish your Engage Interaction normally in a presentation.

2) Take the published version (from the "data" folder) and copy it to your development folder.

3) Make some adjustments to the "engage.html" file (to change the size of the output) and rename it to "index.html"

4) Add the new "index.html" as a custom-sized Web Object on your slide so it shows up within your borders.

5) Republish.

Good luck,

Paul K.

Tammy Sellers

Thank you all for your help on this...... but Oh Jeanette…this works!!!!! and so easy.... I have to admit, that  I have watched this video so many times prior to you suggesting this today--- never thinking about how I could use this idea isnce I have to design within such tight guideliens.... .. but you hit the NAIL on the head… I LOVE it and it is a blessing……looks great and works like a charm… I am so getting it now!

Thank you so much for helping me!