Adding additional Audio to a presenter slide

Hi everyone long time no talk... Here is my perplexing question...

I am looking to finish off my program on electric pallet truck operation. The program is complete but on one slide I have an issue with audio and video with audio drowning each other out. This particular section also includes hyperlinked branching.

The section is about HONKING your horn when coming around corners or aisles. The audio on the video is the horn.

Here is what I want to accomplish.

I want the standard narrator audio to play and have the video play at the same time. I then want the option to have the user hear the horn sound. How can I do this and how can i get the horn sound out of the video.

I have Audacity as an audio editor.

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Dragos Ciobanu


How about if you create a duplicate slide and you only have the honking sound over it? You hide the duplicate in the navigation menu from the Slide Properties, you branch to come back automatically to your proper slide (which you need to branch to skip the honky one and the one following the honky one needs to be branched to skip it backwards, too)?

Format Factory allows you to convert videos to mp3 - do that, stick the mp3 on the honky slide and chop it down to however many horns you want to hear.

Finally, create hyperlink from the proper slide to the honky one for folks to click to have a bit of fun :)

How does that sound? Does it make any sense at all?