Adding/ Changing Slide Titles PPT Outline view vs. Player Menu/ Slides Properties

We're in the process of republishing all of our courses for a new LMS.  Since we have to touch all of our online courses, we're using the opportunity to clean up them up and to make sure everything meets our standards.

We noticed that some slides appear not to have a title because it is blank in the PPT outline view.  However if you got to Player Menu or Slide Properties there is a title.  It is my understanding that the Player Menu/ Slide Properties overrule the PPT Outline view - correct?

We're also going through all of our slide titles to make sure they don't include any special characters such as ?, &, ', et. al.  If we remove the special letter from the Player Menu/ Slide Properties do we also have to change it in the Outline view? 

A team member changed everything in Outline view because she wasn't familiar with the Menu view.  After closing out all the special characters reappeared because she didn't change it in the Menu View.  So is the best practice always change it in Menu View?

What about Engages?  Do we need to worry about the special characters in individual parts/ tabs of Engages?  Or is that a non-issue? 

If anyone else has any best practice / workarounds please let me know. 


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Penny Spacht

Thank you Ashely.  My concern is if I remove the special characters in the player/menu and they are still in the outline view, will that cause problems with publishing?  For example if you had a / ? # ( ) etc... in the slide title does it still interfere with publishing?  If so, do they have to be removed from both the player/ menu AND the outline view?  This was a know issue in earlier versions of Studio was this resolved software update so it no longer matters?