Adding interactivity using Hyperlinks


I am new to Studio '13 and am struggling to get it to work properly

I have just viewed Mike Taylor's  tutorial about adding interactivity using Hyperlinks - I have followed the instructions however when I publish my presentation the hyperlinks do not go to the correct slide

Can somebody please tell explain what is going on and what I need to do to rectify this as this is driving me crazy!



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Patricia!

I'm assuming that you are referring to this article.

Hyperlinks in PowerPoint will be published in Articulate Presenter. However, not all hyperlink options are supported. See this article for details.
Hyperlinks may not work as expected when previewing. To test hyperlinks, publish your presentation and upload it to a web server or LMS. Otherwise, local security restrictions may prevent your hyperlinks from working properly.
If you need us to take a look at your Articulate Package, please feel free.