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muriel wahl

Thanks Peter, that is not what I'm looking for.

I have a slide interaction (done with Engage) and I've imported an audio file on to it.

The audio starts before the interaction is loaded (I'm using articulate online and the course is 80 MB).

I would therefore want to create a 5 to 10 seconds silence at the beginning of the audio.

If I open the audio editor, I am not sure "how" to correctly identify the place where to insert silence (with the silence button).

This because I have also audio on the previous slide.


Peter Anderson

Hi Muriel,

Thanks for the additional info. Just to be clear, are you trying to insert the silent audio in Presenter's audio editor or the Engage audio editor?

With Engage's audio editor, you can use the red audio marker to choose exactly where the silent audio will begin, and it's exact location will be displayed on the bottom-right of the audio editor. You can then click the "Silence" button and choose exactly how much blank audio you'd like to insert. 

Is that the same process you're trying with no luck?

muriel wahl

Hi Peter

Thank you so much for the personalized tutorial!

I get the point.

Some of my interactions have the audio in it, so this method is going to be great.

BUT ... (oh dear, I wish things could be sometime simplier!) some of my interactions cannot have the audio inserted in the engage interaction parts because it needs to be "on top" of the slide. The audio has to go on independently of what the user is clicking in the interaction. Therefore I've inserted the audio in the audio editor of presenter.

When I open the Presenter audio editor and I go to the slide I need to add silence in, I find it hard to position the red marker exactly at the end of the audio of the previous slide and at the real beginning of the slide where I need the silence to be added.