Adjusting "jump slide" Timing

May 03, 2012

Good morning,

I have a presentation that has two "jump slides" in PPT with animations, but no narrative, audio, etc.  I am trying to get them to be quick transitions which fade the previous screen to the following in a smooth manner.  The problem I'm having is the frame is taking MUCH longer to transition than I set it for.

The following are the steps I've taken:

  1. In PPT, I've set up a multi-step animation with the first action "on click" and the rest "with previous," so when I preview it, all is seamless.
  2. On the Articulate ribbon, I've used Sync Animation; and it's about 1.8 seconds.
  3. I then checked the Audio Editor to check the length of the "dead air" space assigned (00:43:40 - 00:49:14).  So, it's assigning about 6 seconds to the frame and not the 1.8.  I've gone and deleted the additional time in the timeline here and hit the "Set Next Slide" marker to the desired location.
  4. In Slide Properties I've set the Advance to Automatically.
  5. After saving, etc. I've then previewed the series of slides (previous slide, transition and following) and it takes about 12 seconds for the transition to run!  Not the 1.8 to 2 that I would expect.
  6. When I go back and check the Audio Editor, it's back at about 6-7 seconds.

Is there any way to override this so that the transition slide runs quickly?

Thank you!


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