Advance By User doesn't pause playback

Nov 05, 2012

I have a slideshow with no animations on the slides.  I have the slides set to advance On Mouse Click in PowerPoint.  In Articulate I have all slides set to advance By User...but when playing back the published file, the slides automatically advance every 5 seconds.

I did notice in Articulate's Presentation Options / Publish Options that there is a setting for slides without audio or animation to advance by 5 seconds.  I suspect that's why my slides are advancing as they are, but why?

I've already selected By User for all the slides?  How can I get a slideshow without audio or animations to pause after each slide and only advance when the user chooses?'

Thanks for your help.

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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning George!

With slides with no audio and animation the default advance time is 5 seconds, as you've seen. However, you can certainly change this option to better suit your course needs. For example, you could change it to 300 seconds or 5 minutes. This would display the slide for 5 minutes and allow the user to move forward when they've finished viewing the slide. So, you were certainly looking in the right place! It's just a matter of figuring out how much time you'd like to assign to that slide, so the users have enough time to view the content. 

Jeanette wrote a very helpful tutorial on customizing the advance behavior in your slides. Though I believe you may already be aware of most information, it may provide some tips that would help accomplish the pause in your slides. Have a look at the tutorial.

Another option would be restricting advancement. This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but again, it may help you with the slides that contain no audio or animation. Check it out here.

Let me know what you think!

George Briggs

Hi Christine...and thanks!

I was considering upping the default :05 sec to something like the 300 sec you mentioned as a workaround.  That's probably the method I'll go with.  I also considered adding a short (:01 sec) blank audio file to each slide.  Nothing to hear, but it should disable the "no audio/no animation" rule.

I'll take a look at the links you provided later today.  I always appreciate learning new and/or different ways of getting the job done.

Thanks again for your help!

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