Advice on publishing in HTML5 to Moodle

Hi there. I have created a SCORM package using Articulate Studio 13, and have published it to Moodle using the HTML5 option.

My problem is when playing the package on an iPad, the module takes a long time to load. I have been advised that this is due to the .swf files being very large. So I tried publishing again, this time removing the .swf files from the zip file before uploading to Moodle.. This solves the problem in that it is quicker to load on the iPad, but of course now it can't be played on older browsers like iE9.

I really need the package to play nicely on both iPads and older browsers; does anyone have any advice as to how the .swf files can be made smaller and quicker to load when viewing on the iPad? Apparently publishing two different formats is not an option :-(

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