AHHHH, NUTS. Audio files dumped during publishing

Folks, this is a reminder to keep your audio files backed up and clearly labeled. I just had to reinsert 30 or so slides' worth of audio, resync animation, and reannotate some of them for a demo. I think I might know why it happened but in any event, it's annoying. However, keeping your files clearly labeled and using good storyboard/planning techniques can make recovering from a flop like this much more manageable.

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Brandy Rainwater

I've had the same issue with a LOT of my files. Any time we resave the presentation with a different revision number or to a different drive (K or S drive from our C drive) all the audio gets dumped. It's happened on presentations from 15 up to 100 slides...and I agree, it is ANNOYING.

One good thing though, powerpoint saves the animation timing on all of the one's it's happened to me on. If it dumped my timings I think I'd have a COW. hehe

Definately good advice, keep a good numbering and filing system for audio!