AICC export without the actual content

Hello everyone

We have developed few courses using Articulate for a client A. The client uses PeopleSoft LMS and wants us to host the content on our servers (intellectual property reasons) and provide them AICC export files. The goal is to put the AICC bookmark files on their Peoplesoft server where the students will login, but stream content from our servers. Here is my question

1. When we publish to AICC format, the folder / zip file seems to contain full module and not just link to our server. How do we provide them AICC output without provising actual content


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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, KAr

I'm not quite following exactly what is that you're trying to do, but if you're experiencing issues with LMS content, please refer to the following article, which outlines tips for viewing and tracking content in an LMS:

Also, be sure to package your published content properly for your LMS: