All Note Text Bolded

All my Note text becomes bolded when published so actual bolded text gets lost.  I am using the default Times New Roman so the full font family set is installed on my PC (confirmed).  I didn't have this problem in the past so I am not sure if it's related to the latest release or my move to Windows 7/PowerPoint 10.  Evidently it's been happening for a while but I missed the problem until I added German translation of my script in the notes page. 

Any ideas?

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Ken Cawley

Support was unable to help but with some fiddling I found the cause and a workaround.  The presentations I was publishing with PowerPoint 2010 and Presenter 09 were created using PowerPoint 2003.  I found that if I created a new file and copy/pasted the PPT 2003 slides into it, the Notes pages published correctly in Presenter 09.   (Unfortunately, saving the 2003 .ppt files as 2010 .pptx doesn't solve the issue.)