Alt F4 or Browser close button marking SCORM 1.2 course "complete" prematurely

Has anyone come across an issue with a Articulate Presenter 13 SCORM 1.2 course where a course is being marked "complete" prematurely if you leave the course using the browser close button or alt-F4? I am being told by the hosting LMS company that the strictest interpretation of SCORM  1.2 is that a lesson_status of "complete" is set by the LMS if no value is sent from the course. I don't have this problem with using the Course "Exit" button, only the browser window close button or alt-F4.

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Bob S

Ah.... if I'm not mistaken dot-learn is an open-source solution.  My guess (and it's only that) is that your developers who implemented it at the school (presumably) where you are may not have thought through all of the common user and course behaviors..... such as closing the browser "improperly".  I can almost hear the "Well if the user simply closes the course correctly it's fine, so educate the users"  response from them now. :)  

As for a better solution.... I think you may have this issue with lots of other courseware, regardless of authoring tool.  So my suggestion, painful though it may be, is to go back to the local developers to address the default lesson_status behaviors.  

Probably not what you wanted to hear, but I believe it may be your best long term choice.