Alternatives to videos within an eLearning course

Good afternoon,

I was tasked to update an eLearning that was built with another rapide authoring tool. The original elearning had videos. Because I can't use the video (as they are outdated and because of time constraints I cannot reshoot the videos), has anyone have any alternatives for me to use?

The videos were mostly 2 people taking on the phone.



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Kevin Mulvihill

The other common option in scenario-based training is to use photos or clip art with speech bubbles, something like comic strips (or nicer if you use photos). I just wrote a post about my favorite paid photo/art sites on my blog if you're interested in exploring that route:

If you can move some of the scenarios off the phone, you might also try elearning art for photos of characters in various poses/expressions.

Good luck!


David Anderson

Hi Julie,

You should consider creating an audio slideshow from your existing videos. If you can export still frames or use a screen capture tool to grab relevant frames, you could recreate the same feel using audio and images.

They have a great narrative, documentary feel and use simple fade in and out animations to drive the story.

Here are a couple examples from the New York Times: