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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nick,

Are you viewing the published content on a web server or LMS? If so, please try clearing your browser's cache and see if you are able to view the new content. If that doesn't work, try saving the presentation under a different name, as a new file, then upload it and test the content.


Nick Garrod


Thanks for your reply.

Firstly I'm viewing the content as preview within Powerpoint/Articulate where I can see the latest copy and amends that I have made. Then I publish as WEB content so that I can upload the published folder to a shared Dropbox folder that I can then allow people to view the published file. The published file displays fine but does not contain the updated material/content and we have tried clearing internet cache, cookies, temp files etc with no success.

Shall I just re-save the powerpoint as a different name (save as) into the Articulate directory I'm working in to see if that makes a difference?