An actionscript error has occured" when access resources

Hey team,

Getting the attached error when I access documents in the Resource tab.  Selecting continue will open the document, but this is going to be a problem when I deploy the module as there are a lot of technophobes in my organization and I know I will be flooded with emails.   Also included current browser info.

Any ideas?




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Mark mccoy

Justin, thanks.  I need to get my IT folks to allow me to access the link.   A few more things.  This is actually a Presenter '13 issue.   Another interesting item is the resources load fine when I accessed this module from home.   I am thinking it is something with our Flash / browser setups here at work.  If this helps in the interim, let me know. 

Justin Grenier

That's interesting information, Mark.

It could be that your learners are running your Studio '13 course in IE 11 with Flash disabled.  This would force the HTML5 version of the course, which won't run properly in IE 11.

We overhauled our HTML5 output in Articulate 360 to work well with IE 11, but for Studio '13, you'll need to make sure you're viewing the content in a supported browser, which includes:

  • Flash:  Adobe Flash Player 10.3 plus almost any browser
  • HTML5:  Google Chrome

If this doesn't sound like a match for the problem you're seeing, please let us know and we'll take another look.  Thanks!