Android tablets

I am testing Articulate generated productions on my Acer Iconia A500 tablet (running Android 3).

When running in landscape orientation the bottom part of the production is placed off the screen with no way to access it (so the control panel is inaccessible).

The fonts presented as well are very pixelly,

What I am dealing with here ? A limitation of the Flash on the tablet? Some setting in Articulate that I could manipulate?

The way it is now it just not functional.

Has anybody else done testing with Android ?

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Brian Sullivan

Sorry - got sidetracked.

Yes I could change lots of stuff to see if I could make it work but I was hoping it would run a standard lesson that runs on all other machines. My primary goal or audience is not the Android tablet though it would be convenient to catch that as a possible target.

Mine just updated to the latest Android operating system - I was hoping that would help but alas no.