Animated Button Menu not working for player file?

Hey all.  I recently created a file that should link to my other presentations.  Links work fine with a picture.  However, I was trying to replace the picture with a swf movie that has animated buttons, which is explained here:

It works great in the launcher exe program on Windows.  However, if I go to a Mac and play the .html file, the links don't work.  The image just stays there on the menu.  Anyone know if there's a fix for this so it works on Macs, too?

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David Anderson

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Hi Tammy,

Are you running the rollover example off your Mac desktop? It's like not playing due to Flash's security settings. The file should run fine when hosted on a web server.

Can you try this link using your Mac:

To change your Flash security settings, right-click the Flash movie in Articulate and select Global Settings... From there you can modify the Security Settings to allow Flash content from your Desktop Folder.

But the effect should work fine once published and placed on a web server. Please let me know if that helps.


Tammy Smith

That link worked fine on my Mac!   Thank you so much!  So it will work fine when hosted on the web.  We will be posting the video on the web for our company, but we're also sending out DVD copies of the movies.  If someone loads the DVD on their Mac, will they have the same problem loading the movie from their DVD or desktop?  Will the buttons not work and link them to the other presentation if the open it from their DVD or desktop on their Mac?

David Anderson

You should be fine with publishing to CD/DVD via Publish to CD. That will create an .exe which will enable your content to run without the Flash security warnings.

And here's how to Publish to CD:

The autorun feature won't work on a Mac (just how Macs are):

Your users might need to adjust their security settings to allow the course to run off the CD or desktop:

But remember, when the course is hosted on a web server, the security problems won't be a problem - assuming users or IT hasn't set custom settings.

I hope that helps but please let us know if you have more questions.

The best thing is to test early, test often Maybe consider a roll-out plan that includes a short screencast or webinar for users?

Tammy Smith

Thank you very much David for your help.  I've considered using Server2Go in the past, but will it still work if I publish my files to CD rather than using the Web option?  Will it still allow the .exe file to run on PCs normally without the Server2Go thing interfering?  If I use Server2Go, it'd only be to help those who need to run the player.html file on a Mac.  I don't want it to mess with the .exe file running as usual.  Is this possible?

I'm sorry for all the Mac questions, but the reality is that a lot of people are using Macs now, and I want to make sure my presentation runs for them just as well as it would on a PC using the .exe file.