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I make use of animated gifs in my base PowerPoint presentations and have been able to take these through to the published Articulate program, now however, although the gifs cab be seen working in the PowerPoint program, they are published as static images in Articulate?

Have I turned something off, or do I need to activate something?

Very strange all was working well until now?

Any help appreciated,

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Daniel Sweigert

Actually, if you can get your animated GIFs to work in PowerPoint, you can just save the PowerPoint slide with them as a WMV video file. Just use the Save As, and you can select WMV. Then you can just import it into the slide in Studio. I actually blogged about doing this here:

Tom  Steele

Hi Everyone,

Solved, and I should have spotted it. The PowerPoint program had been saved by a colleague to an old PowerPoint format, when I saved it as a 2013, the Articulate publish and Preview worked correctly. What was happening to me was the GIF's were operation because I had opened it with PowerPoint 2013, but Articulate couldn't convert it because it was an older version. So, problem solved, lesson learnt, thanks for the help and apologies for the error,

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