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suresh M R

Hello team,

We've also facing these kind of problem and the text is not displayed while publishing the content. We are using the below software's in our systems. 

Articulate studio and presenter 13
MS-Office 2010 & 2013
Adobe Flash Player 10 and latest version
Visual studio & .NET Framework
Internet Explorer

Files copied and placed in local server

We have published both web, LMS publishing and didn't work at our side. 

attached the screenshot for your reference. please check and confirm. 

attached screenshot for your reference. 


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Suresh,

Thanks for sharing that info! Can you also check what update of Presenter '13 you're working on? Look to the Help tab -> About Articulate Presenter to double check. 

You mentioned copying the files and placing them on your local server. Were they originally created and edited while on saved to your local drive (i.e. C: drive)? Working on files from a network or server is known to cause some odd behavior. 

Also, if you'd be able to share your Presenter package we can take a look! 

Robbi Adams

I apologize for the long delay in responding back to my original message - I experienced it again when publishing to a scorm package for LMS, and upon play back in Google Chrome, the text displayed in a different position than it was on the PowerPoint.

I logged into Internet Explorer and it worked PERFECTLY.  So this seems to be a browser issue?

Thank you