Animation and aligning images across multiple screens

I am new to both Articulate and using PPT as an eLearning dev platform.   I am working on a slide in which I have two graphics fly in from left and right, and then the learner will click one to make a choice.  They will see the same images on the next screen.

How do you align your images on the slides the leaner links to so that they align perfectly with the starting slide?  I am having real difficulty keeping them from making a 1 or 2 pixel jump. 

I attached an example for reference.


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Phil Mayor

Hi Ian

I use this tool to find the end animation point

Sometimes even this is slightly off and I nudge the shape into place using the ctrl key and arrow keys, I keep flicking between the slides until I can see no movement, it is a bit like looking in a mirror (which way should I move)

Even then on publish the images can move, publishing I find more reliable if I am using images rather than powerpoint shapes


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Ian, and welcome!

For slides like the ones in your example, I usually find it easier to use Fly In animations rather than Motion Paths, and start by building the ending slide first. In other words, get your images in place on slide 2 first, and then copy the images and paste them onto slide 1. Then, rather than use a Motion Path, apply a Fly In animation to each image (i.e., have the left image fly in from the left, and the right image fly in from the right).

On the feedback slide, I'd also apply a subtle animation (such as a fade) to the lightbox shape and the feedback rectangle, just so that the transition doesn't feel quite so abrupt. See the attached version to see what I mean. Hope that helps!