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Aug 23, 2017

Microsoft Windows 10 with Office365 (PowerPoint 2017)

It's probably just my system, but I have a couple of issues that are so aggravating:

1.  When the PowerPoint Animation pane is open, I cannot go into narration to sync my animations.  Once I close the animation pane, it goes right into Narration.

2.  With the Animation and Selection pane open, the PowerPoint slows down dramatically when I am setting animations, moving objects, etc.  Once I close these panes, everything works fine.  PowerPoint will also crash, saying Presenter caused it and do I want to turn off the add-in.

Is anyone else having issues when the Animation and Selection panes are open?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Keith!

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulty with this. Is this with any project you are working on or is just one project causing difficulty for you?

I just took a look at the scenario you're describing in your first example, and I'm not seeing the same issue.

If you're having difficulty across files, you may want to repair your install (here for '13).


The work around for the first issue is to shut down the animation screen.  Just thought you guys may have corrected it by now.  It's aggravating when I don't remember to close the pane.

I do not have a work around for the second issue other than shutting down the software then the computer, which is also aggravating.  So, I guess that would be a work around.

I just wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue.

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