Animation changes color when complete

I have an animation that looks fine when I preview it in Powerpoint,  but when I publish my Articulate presentation, the animation turns brown and the text on the object is no longer visible. I haven't specified any color change so I'm wondering why this is happening. I want to retain the color and the text throughout the animation. Any advice on how to fix this?

Thanks, donna

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Peter Anderson

Hi Donna!

Are you using the Teeter animation, by any chance? If you use a Teeter animation to add emphasis to an object in your presentation, you may find that the object also changes color when the animation plays in your published presentation. This is a known issue. You can workaround it by using consecutive Spin animations to mimic the effect of the Teeter animation. For a full list of supported animations, see here:

Curious to know if that's helpful...

Peter Anderson

Hi Lynne, 

Any chance you'd be able to share the project so we can take a look at it? First, create an Articulate Presenter Package of your presentation as described here. Then upload the resulting zip file from your computer on the second page of this form, and we''ll attempt to diagnose what's happening when we receive your upload. Thanks!