animation not working

Help!  i created an animation slide with movement and when i copy the files over to my network drive all the

the animation changes.  When i publish it does the same thing.  I reviewed the animation that doesn't work when published and movement is suppose to work....what is going wrong? 

Also - I added a shadow box behind text and when i publish the right side gets cut off. 

both of the problems don't appear in powerpoint on my hard drive.  It seems to be a problem when i move the files to the network and/ when i publish.

help !

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Dwayne Schamp

Hi Laura and welcome!

You might have used some animations that are not supported by Articulate once the file is published. Here is a link to the supported/unsupported list:

I have had issues with the shadow effect as well. You can try to copy the text block and paste back in as a graphic which should fix the issue.

Rebecca Hay

Re: "Also - I added a shadow box behind text and when i publish the right side gets cut off."

I have had this happen on the last animation on a slide. I simply add a small circle off screen (outside of the slide) so that it doesn't show. I thne add a fade in set to animate after last. Nobody ever sees the circle or notices anything different, but it does allow the last displayed animation to complete.

Rebecca Hay

laura herzegovitch said:

Thank you !  This was great.  One more thing (for now)  when i publish, powerpoint can't find the correct engage file.  How can i change where it looks for the file to publish?

Go into your PowerPoint file, locate the Engage slide, click on Edit in Engage.

You shoud get a warning box asking you to locate the interaction. Click OK and navigate to the current location of the file.

Rebecca Hay

You probably have some formatting on the notes text that isn't showing up until you publish.

You can add color to notes text, but you won't see the color until the course is published.

Best practice for me has become to set my notes slide master to the font, color, size that I want before I start copying in the  text.

If the text is already in the notes section, you can select it (One slide at a time) and change the font attributes, then save. Repeat for each slide.

Keep in mind that you may not see the changes in the unpublished text, but you will in the published text.

I don't have to empty my browser cache.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the PowerPoint file. Can you specify which animations aren't working for you, please? I see some arrows that are animated and some content on the Final Exam slide that are animating, but I'm not sure if you're referring to other effects in the presentation. 

Here's a published version, if you'd like to check it on your end:

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