Animation/Synching issue

Hello!  I am having quite a time with trying to repair an animation and synch issue. 

I'm using Powerpoint.

The animation in question plays properly in ppt preview mode.  I've synced and saved but in preview and published modes, the animation comes in at the end of the narration.  I did not sync it this way. 

How do I fix this?

I've re-synched several times, I checked the graphics, I flattened the layers, I removed the animation and applied it again.  I tried different animations but thus far, nothing has proved successful.

Any tips will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you!


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Brian Batt

Hi Elizabeth and welcome to Heroes,

When you're syncing your animations, do you click on the Stop Syncing button or do you let the timer run out on the slide?  If you're letting the slide just finish itself, try clicking on the Stop Syncing button after you've finished syncing the animations for the slide.  Let me know if that resolves the issue.

Elizabeth Monroe

I never tried syncing that way before.  I always thought you had to let the narration end and then click save and close. 

I tried your suggestion but it's only about five seconds long.  The process goes very quickly.  In preview mode, there is a pause after the narration ends and the final animation (the troubled one) comes in at the very end of the pause.  I think I'll try trimming the audio and see if that helps.

So, do you recommend overall to click stop sync after the last animation even if there is more narration?

Thank you so much for your reply!


Christina Atamian

Yes. That is how I do it. I usually click Stop Synch before the narration is finished running. I discovered that you don't need to let the narration run until the end if you don't feel like waiting

Also, you may try to add a couple of seconds of silence into the end of that one slide...that way there is enough audio track for the animation to come into. (does that make sense?)