Animations lag when annotating

I have a problem with the animations lagging dramatically when I am adding an arrow annotation to a slide. The animations work perfectly in Preview and when Published. The problem is only when I am trying to add an annotation. I searched the FORM and found this:

...but it didn't change anything. I am running off a new Dell XPS 17 that is loaded...

Any thoughts?

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Stefano Posti

Well. I would exclude the possibility of PC capabilities (is Dell XPS 17 this "monster" I hear of it to be?);

Ho many animations have you added? Because, in this case, you could save your powerpoint as a new one, thus generating a new .ppta file; then you could try to Add annotations for the slide, click on CLEAR, click on START and do NOTHING until the slide animations end. Then SAVE and go back to Presenter; Save your PPT, and then ADD annotations again....

It worked for me, some time ago.

You're not using SYNC Annotations, why?

Hope it helps,


Greg Davis

Thanks Stefano.

I couldn't get any other results. I have since changed my approach to move forward.

You mentioned Sync Annotations. I only know of ADD ANNOTATIONS. Which is what I was doing. My slide had 5 animations and 1 annotation (arrow). Am I missing something? The problem what I needed to point to wouldn't come up according to it's timed audio.

What is sync annotations? I couldn't find anything to support that.

Thanks again for everything.

Stefano Posti

Oh, sorry, sure I meant Sync Animations, thanks Brian!

Instead of assigning timings in the powerpoint custom animations tab, you could add your effects just using the mouse-click event as the start action for every effect you apply to your slide objects.

Then, syncronize them using the Articulate Sync Animation feature, that is very useful. It allows to add annotations, too. Or you may want to add your annotation later, but the flash timing for your slide animations, at that point, is well written in the .ppta file, I think. I've always had excellent results!

Hope it helps,