animations misaligned during preview/publish

I'm using Presenter 09, I've never had this issue before. 

I've got a series of shapes that lay on top of each other and fade out/reveal at certain stages. 

I'm finding that even before any animation begins the shapes are misaligned. The timing of actual animations to the audio is fine. 

I've tried grouping the shapes AND saving as a single picture .jpg. 

Also, any "transparency" animation turns it to a different color in preview/publish. 

I haven't searched that list yet, but possibly transparency as an animation not supported by Articulate???

No real help. 

Any ideas?



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Deborah Barnard

Wonder if it is the same issue that I dealt with regarding font size and WordArt placement.... Were the shapes originally in a 2003 PowerPoint?  If so:

It is all about opening a brand new 2010 PPT and reusing (importing) the slides from the old 2003 PPT. YOu have to click KEEP SOURCE FORMATTING when you bring them in.  Then they will behave exactly the same way as they did in the 2003 PPT.  The odd thing is that when you just OPEN the 2003 with 2010, the formatting looks just fine until you publish it.