Animations not carrying over to publishing


I'm using Studio 360 and I'm making a lesson that has text animate and change at the same time the image changes.  When I create and preview it in the Narration pane everything works correctly.  However, when I publish, only the images change and all the text that is supposed to appear at the same time as the image changes shows up at the beginning and does not animate at all.  How can I get the narration animations to show up when publishing? 



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Andrea Koehntop

Hello Chris! I understand that you’re working with animations in Presenter 360. It sounds like the behavior of the animations is different in preview mode from the published output.

How are you publishing the course: Web, LMS, or Review 360? Do you mind sharing your project with us so we can better understand what you’re seeing on your end? You can attach the Articulate Package to this discussion or upload it privately in a support case.