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Feb 25, 2013

I just started using Articulate Studio '09 and it potential is impressive.   However,  I was wondering if anyone may provide a perspective on how far to go with animations in Powerpoint versus using the tools in articulate?  I am aware of some of the restrictions in operability of certain animations but was interested in other perspectives on where it is to build the best functionality.   i.e.   I have created an e-learning powerpoint that shows the basics of using a sports agility ladder and it steps foot movements through the ladder as a demonstration of pattern and rhythms for specific exercises.

Any and all advice is welcome!    Thanks!

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Sarah Tinson

Hi Kevin,

Presenter has a few animation-type tools, like annotations, spotlights, ticks, arrows etc, if that's what you mean?

But I do all of my animations exclusively in Powerpoint, then use the synch animation tool in Presenter to get the timings right.

My animations include: text fading in onto the screen, handwriting-type text wiping in from the left, shapes fading in to give the impression of a greyed-out screen with a highlighted part on top, etc.

Hope this helps - shout if you need more information (or if I'm on the wrong track entirely...)



Dwayne Schamp

Our best practice is to use the Animation pane exclusively. I have seen the Synch tool crash too often to trust it.

I have my audio file open in a separate program, get the time for when I need to animate, and add it in. This also gives me the ability to adjust my sound file if I need to play with the animations for a smoother look. And if I need to update, I just update the ones I need in the pane. I don't have to resynch the entire slide again.

This also is helpful for other developers who need to review/edit the course as they can see the animations up front.

Not really fan of the other tools either. I will use the animation pane or a swf overlay if needed.

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