Annotataions are fine in the preview, but not at publish

Hi there!

I have created some spotlight annotations in my file.  I have already added sound (imported file) and created the animations, and syncronized the animations to the sound, now I am having some diificulty where I want to add the spotlight annotations.  They are work well in the preview window where you create the annotations, but when I save, and return to the main window, and either preview here, or publish and look at the output, the timing is all wrong.  Any clues anyone?  Mac

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Mac. I would take a look at these articles and see if they help:

If you are using your Articulate software in a Parallels virtual environment on a Mac and you find that your annotations have shifted or are offset when previewed or published, you may need to make the following modifications to your Parallels configuration:
From the Parallels > Virtual Machine > Configure menu, disable the following items:
   * Services:  Deselect "Sync with Mac clock"
   * Gestures:  Deselect all options
   * Modality:  Set the Transparency to Opaque (or make sure the slider is all the way to the right)
   * Full Screen:  Active Screen Corner > Deselect all screen corners