Annotation Links not working

Hi, I have added spotlight annotations to numerous slides throughout my presentation.

The spotlight works, however only one of the many annotations added will actually allow the user (when the course is published) to 'click' on the highlighted area to take them to the next slide.

All other annotations the user has to use the 'next' button - don't want this.

Can I ask how this could be fixed?


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Jennifer Murberg

Hi Leslie,

Unfortunately, I cannot share the package since it's for a client. 

We converted a course from Articulate '09 to '13. So, I think that was part of the issue. After going through and resetting the Annotations the hyperlinks (to other pages) are working again. It's more work than I expected, but now I know for future conversion projects that there is an issue with Annotations & Hyperlinks.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the additional details Jennifer. You are correct.

You may find that hyperlinks that jump from one slide to another in the same presentation no longer work after upgrading from Articulate Presenter '09 to Articulate Presenter '13.

This is a known issue. To correct it, re-link each hyperlink that jumps to a Place in This Document. Then republish your course.