Annotation Tools Won't Display

When I click "Add Annotation" (or Sync Animations), the proper screen loads and I can view all of the tools in the top ribbon. But when I go to add an arrow, spotlight, etc. nothing happens on the slide. Then when I publish the course the annotations are there in the published version; I just can't see them in the Add Annotation screen, which makes editing and creating them difficult.

I'm using Presenter 2013. My computer is 64 bit but I have the 32 bit version of Office installed.

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Brenda Daniel

This is the closest thing to my "issue" that I can find. I was only having problems with voice recordings saving after I updated to '13, but now, NONE of the tools will work for me after the Studio '13, Update 1.  I can click on them and nothing happens. I cannot add an interaction, add a character, add voice, nothing.  Is there a setting I need to change? I appreciate any and all help as I have three presentations sitting on the burner about to scorch.  All kidding aside, they are all due this week. As it stands, I cannot record or add characters, flash or video in any of them.