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Justin Wilcox

Hi Curtis and welcome to Heroes! That is correct. You should output Articulate content at 30 FPS. I am assuming you are referring to a corporate standard for creating your own Flash movies. You can still create your own Flash movies at 15 FPS. Articulate works best at 30. Your standard should not really be relevant to that.

Curtis Poole

Thanks for the quick response Justin!  The forum is a great resource. 

This is a good opportunity to clarify some frame rate issues we've had in general.

If I understand correctly, Articulate works best at 30 fps.  In our standards for eLearning, we are directed to set the frame rate in the Articulate presentation options to 15. 

We've also experienced oddities of timing/durations in the controls when our embedded FLV content is set to synchronize with the controls, but there is a mismatch of frame rate.  So I've been assuming we can go with 15 fps, as long as we keep all our embedded elements created at 15 fps as well.  Are we advised to try and keep everything at 30 fps?  I'm also concerned about the doubling of file sizes/load times with double the frame rate.  Any advise is greatly appreciated.

Justin Wilcox

If you keep Articulate at 15 FPS, the inserted movies should still play at 15 FPS. I would not encourage, though, nor recommend using 15 FPS for creating content with Articulate. Creating a movie at 15 versus 30 FPS isn't going to make a big difference in terms of playback quality, etc... so no real need to do that.