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HI everyone,

My primary machine is a 2013 MBA (i5, 256, 8GB), but I was using an older PC for my articulate software. That machine has given up the ghost, and I was wondering whether the MBA would be powerful enough to run Articulate in a VM (probably Parallels, but I'm open to suggestions). Could the Mac users out there give me some idea about how the performance is on their set-up? If anyone is running Articulate on a MBA, I would be especially interested, but I could also be in the market for purchasing an iMac or rMBP if the performance on the MBA was less than ideal. 

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Joseph Flanagan


Thanks a lot. I just wanted to make sure that using Articulate on a VM on a MBA wasn't frustrating. The costs begin to add up a bit, with the OS as well as the VM thrown in the mix. I wasn't really expecting it, but I was hoping that there would be native Mac application of Storyline by this time (I'd been hoping for a native Mac version of Studio since right before 09 came out, but I understand why that might be tricker to pull off). Anyways, thanks again. I still need to decide, as I might have the possibility of getting an iMac or rMBP through work. I really don't want to feel that I'm stuck in traffic working with the software, but I probably have to just see what it's like). Thanks again.  

zola anderson

I have a rMBP and running storyline on parallels. There are no issues with performance, it is actually a pleasure to work on from speed perspective. The issue you will face is with the display itself. Storyline can only work with 100% DPI settings. No matter how much you try to change the resolution in windows and Mac, things will be scaled and fuzzy

I ended up buying an external screen connected to my rMBP, storyline is correctly displayed there. Or get an iMac where things should look fine on the display.


Ryan Moore

Like Zola, I run Storyline on a rMBP and found it necessary to use an external monitor. Unlike other responses, I actually did run into a number of issues using Fusion. After extended periods working with multiple large source files, Storyline would inevitably crash because it ran out of memory (2-3 GB was always allocated to the VM with nothing else running, but it didn't help). I eventually got into the habit of saving my Storyline files frequently and closing and reopening the program whenever I was switching files. This led to far fewer crashes and less lost work.