Any news on "Articulate for iPad" ?


I have just spent about 2 (or more) hours reading all the posts that already exist on running an Articulate course on iPad, but I have no definitive answer whether this is coming (soon) or not ... instead I read debates about whether iPad/iPhone should even be used for learning purposes - which for me (read: my customer) is not even worth discussing since their entire management team has been issued with 2 work tools: an iPad and an iPhone.

The work-arounds and alternatives people have updated in the forum would also not work as the course material we are to develop for them are to include several tests and even more engage interactions. 

I don't want to change to another authoring software because I think Articulate rocks, but could anybody from the Articulate staff/administrators give me (and no doubt other people with the same issue) reveal that something is in the works.

Thanks ever so much!


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Brian Batt

Hi Peggy and welcome to Heroes,

Thank you for expressing your interest in using Articulate content on mobile devices that do not support Flash, such as Apple's iPad / iPhone.  We are actively working on having Articulate content play on devices that support HTML5 only like Apple iOS devices.

We do not announce release dates for new features or products. However, if you would like to receive notifications when new updates and products are released, we recommend subscribing to the Articulate Word of Mouth Blog:

With that being said, we have publicly stated that "Storyline will be able to publish iOS-compatible output via HTML5."


Dana Thomas

Peggy,  I use an outside consultant for custom template development.  He owns builtclean.  VERY affordable guy.  He is currently working on an ipad output of an articulate course.  The concept is we produce the course in flash and post it in our LMS.  If a user is accessing the LMS from an iPad, when they launch the course it will automatically redirect them to another server where an HTML 5 version was created by "extracting" the data from the PowerPoint file used to create the course.  You give up some of the functionality in Engage and Quizmaker, but you can deliver your content and your videos beautifully.  You should give them a call.  His name is James Kingsley, and he is also an Articulate MVP.  Good luck!

Peter Anderson

Hi MIchelle!

We’ve publicly announced that a forthcoming new product from Articulate called Storyline and the next version of the Articulate Studio products will publish to HTML5 and run on iOS devices like iPads.  We’ll also continue to publish to Flash as well, providing a variety of options for those who create Articulate courses.  And, we’ll do it right, leveraging the best that each output option offers in order to provide the most interactivity and best user experience possible.

Although we can't confirm the release date of future products and upgrades, you can stay informed in a number of ways:

- Follow the Storyline and HTML5 developments via this thread in E-Learning Heroes:

- Be notified when Storyline is available by signing up here:

- Receive notifications when new upgrades are released by subscribing to the Articulate Word of Mouth Blog:

Should you want to run your Articulate-authored content today on non-Flash supported devices, we are aware of several third party solutions that may meet your needs.  Please be advised, these are not developed or supported by Articulate, so we encourage you to test them out to ensure they meet your needs.   

Frame; Entered HTML5 player: 

iSWiFTER Browser:

Another possible option for iPad users is to view Articulate content with the iSWiFTER app as demonstrated below.


If your Articulate content does not include interactive elements (such as quizzes or user-initiated navigation), you can record your Articulate content as it plays, using a screencasting tool like screenr (, to capture a video of your Articulate content.  Screenr is free and screencasts can be viewed on iPads and iPhones directly from the screenr website.  There are also options to publish your screenr screencasts to YouTube and to download MP4 versions, both of which also play on non-Flash devices.

For more ideas on mobile learning, check out the following Rapid E-Learning Blog post: