Any updates on image quality tricks?


I read the article on image quality in '09 (My insert link is grayed out or I'd paste it... sorry) that talked about saving screen captures as .png files and locking the presentation at optimal size. That article was written in 2009, and I'm wondering if there are better ways to do this now.

I'm still having problems, which I believe are related to scaling. My captures look fine until the user maximizes the screen size, which is almost necessary because the screen I'm capturing has such tiny (user-unfriendly!) fonts to begin with.

Have there been any new developments--the way the article proposed doing the captures was very tedious, and I thought things might have progressed since '09.

We also have Studio '13, just installed. Does this handle scaling any better? I can't convert this file yet unless I want to re-do the player, as I understand that doesn't carry over. However, it might be worth doing that to get a sharper image.




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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Janet!

I assume that you are referring to the information for Presenter '09 about improving image quality.

Image quality was something that was worked on with updates with Presenter '13. I'd recommend that you test in Presenter '13 to see how your image looks. You are correct though, since the player has been unified in Studio '13, they do not carry over from Studio '09.

Otherwise, perhaps the community can share their experiences

Janet Bernhards

Hi Leslie,

Actually, the information was here:

It has more detail than the link you posted.

I have no idea how I got there! (And I still can't insert links! My insert link button is still grayed out--but it looks like after I posted, the text converted to a link.)


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Janet,

I just wanted to reply to the piece about inserting links within the reply window - it will be greyed out until you select a portion of text to hyperlink too - otherwise if you insert the URL as you did above, it'll work as a normal link. Glad that you found the other information you needed!