Any way to convert a Presenter player template from 2009 version

The new player in Presenter 2013 looks great ... but we spent a lot of time creating a player template we like in Presenter 2009, and now it won't load in the new version.  We have the old XML file (see attached).  

I need to get some modules posted on our LMS quickly, and don't have time to recreate the look we like in the new player (it's been a while since we did it).  Is there a way to load the OLD template we currently have?  Or a way that the old template can be converted to the new XML format required by the new player?  

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Scott Richardson

That's a bummer, honestly ... was there no discussion of backward compatibility, even to create some sort of script that would migrate an old player template into a base xml file?  I realize I don't really know what I'm asking, but this is very time-consuming to re-create.  I like the new player -- it's relatively easy to work with, but we have custom colors we use at work, and I've had to consult with my Marketing Communications group to make sure I'm on the right track. 

Another question -- where do these player templates get stored?  I'd like to share what I've created with my colleagues, so they won't have to re-do the effort themselves. 


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Scott!

The player templates were completely rebuilt from the ground up for this release of Presenter. Unfortunately you cannot upgrade a legacy template to a new template. It is just not technically possible to do so.

Review the following to locate the directories on your computer for Articulate Presenter '09 player templates, color schemes, logos, playlists, and presenter bios.

Scott Richardson

Thanks, Leslie, for the reply ... I get it.  Just disappointing

I looked at the link, and it's for Presenter '09 ... and the files for Presenter '13 don't appear to be stored in the same place.  I looked here: and didn't see any similar reference.

However, I did notice that I can EXPORT the player settings ... I'll try that and see if that gets me what I need to be able to share what I've created with my colleagues.  Thanks again.  

I appreciate the fact that Articulate folks actually READ these forums and give helpful answers.  We've been using Adobe Presenter for years, and their forums are generally a collective pooling of ignorance of users like ourselves, with hardly anyone from Adobe coming out to "play".  


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Scott! I apologize for misunderstanding your question, I thought you wanted to pull them out of '09

You can check out this article to learn where saved players, player colors, text labels, presenters, and playlists are stored on your computer for Presenter '13.

I'm glad to hear that you are finding our forums helpful, thanks for sharing :)