Any way to create a relative path to an internal PHP file?

Hi All!

I hope there is an easy solution here. I am trying to create an internal path to a local PHP file from a slide in Presenter. We've done this in the past by making calls to outside PHP files through a web object and it has worked great for a number of years.

Now I am hoping to create a path to a PHP file that is relative to my course location (something like "../../myfile.php") which contains an end of course routine. The reason for doing it differently now is so we can place the object in the course and not have to re-render over again if we host the course in a different location.

This function works great in Storyline where we can type in a path in a trigger no problem, but Presenter does not seem to allow this.

Also, I've hacked the output before in older versions and changed the path in the presentation.xml file, but that's a no-go in the new Presenter.

Thank you ahead of time for your help!

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Brian Allen

Hello Jon,

In Presenter '13 you should be able to hack the output if you look for the "frame.xml" file located in the presentation_content folder.

I haven't tried this, but you may also play around with using the "file" option when adding a resource to the player, and point to your php file... Not sure if that would create a relative URL or not, and you'd have to play around with where your PHP file would need to be placed in the published output.

Jon Crumpacker

Thank you Brian,

I checked the frame.xml file as I've had to do some fixes there for some global nav glitches on the first release, but I couldn't find any trace of a path to my web object. In 2009, the path to the web object was easy to find on the slide in the presentation.xml file, but I can't even detect the appropriate slide in the frame.xm. I assumed it might be embedded in the flash file for the slide itself.

I'll try your idea of inserting as a resource and see how that goes.

I also was noodling with the user.js file, but not sure what that does or how to trigger it. I know that it is called in the actual course shell, so that might be a possibility as well. Are there any docs anywhere discussing the user.js file?

Thank you again for your help. I'll let you know if that works,


Brian Allen

My apologies, I didn't catch the fact that you were using a web object.  I thought you were trying to link to a local file from the resources tab.

I know I've seen something recently about pointing to a PHP or other file locally for a Presenter 13 web object but I can't find it... If I run across it again I'll post back here.