Appearance of Hyperlinked object to reflect already viewed.

Good morning all!  I recently attended a 2-day Articulate Studio training (it was fabulous!) and am working on my first full length presentation. 

In the presentation I have created an interaction where the learner clicks on various buttons to receive  information.  The buttons hyperlink them to other slides in the presentation.  From each of the hyperlinked slides the 'next' button returns the learner  to a duplicate (non-narrated) of the original (narrated) slide.

Learners may click on the buttons in random order.  Is there a way for me to set it up so that each time the learner returns to the duplicate slide it shows the buttons they have already used?

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Peter Anderson

Hey Jill!

Awesome that you got to attend a Studio training session And congrats on your first course!

Unfortunately, visited hyperlink colors aren't supported at this time, and there's not really a viable workaround. This thread discusses it in a little more detail, if interested. In the meantime, I'd go ahead and submit a feature request to see it in future builds. Thanks!

Bruce Graham


Thinking aloud here.....

If you return them to a non-narrated copy of your original slide - couldn't you just set it up so that the hyperlink on that slide is ticked off or something, to give the illusion that it is the same slide, and you have a "visited state" applied?

Now...I appreciate that this will mean you have to add more slides, (not sure how many links you have, so not sure how many...!), but you could create the illusion that this was happening.

Might be best to start with one link and create a proof of concept then grow it for all the others, to ensure you get the slide logic correct.

May be one of those "Lots of sticky yellow labels on the desktop" jobs! 


PS - I wish you had Storyline, I could have just said "Edit the State..."