Applying a template & color scheme to a new document

I can't a customized template and color scheme to a affix to a new PPTA file.

I've saved the following files to these locations:

Mersen_Light.xml to: C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\color schemes 

MERSEN_Logo.gif to C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\objects\Logos

Mersen1.xml to C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\templates

I opened the PPTA file, selected Publish, used the Player Template drop down list to select "Mersen1.xml" in Project and used the Logo drop down list to select "MERSEN_Logo.gif" in Project.

I've actually tried this both In Project and without In Project, published the files both ways and file does not publish with the template. The logo appears where it should, but the color scheme and template does not appear, in fact, the color scheme is black.

What do I need to do to get this to work correctly? 

Thank you,


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Justin Wilcox

I took a look at your templates and it looks like they were edited by hand and are not usable. If you open either of them up in a web browser you get an error.  To edit player templates you should only use the built in Player Templates in Presenter. You can view some tutorials on how to do this here:

Here's some info on the default locations of files:

If you were to manually edit the files, which isn't supported, you should only use something like NotePad.

Natalie Timmons

Edited by hand? I'm not sure I understand. The custom templates were created in Articulate using the Player Template editor. 

I reviewed the tutorial you provided and it looks like we followed all the right steps. I'm going to have my associate zip and send me the .xml directly from her system for you to test just in case it got corrupted on my system ...because it works just fine on her computer.

Natalie Timmons

Yes, in fact I'm feeling totally brilliant.

The problem was with the custom color scheme template "Mersen_Light.xml." I got the bright idea to open the file and check out the code in Dreamweaver and compare it against one of Articulate's existing color scheme templates. I discovered the first few lines of the code were messed up. I fixed it, using the template Orange 09 as guide and tah-da - it worked!

I've attached a PDF showing screen shots of the original (broken) xml file, as we as the Orange 09 sample and my fix. I thought it might be helpful to include this in case any one else runs into the same problem.