Are my presentations in my website seen in mobiles?

Hi, I still have some doubts about whether my clients can see my Articulate presentations in my website through their Flash lite 3 mobiles as well.

In my website my clients are given access to my courses. I hope they are able to see them in their computer and  mobiles if they want.

I wonder if I am doing correctly by pasting the "mobile player" in the "data" folder. I refer to the instructions in
I am still a little confused with item 3 in this document, about copying the "data" folder to my (my clients?) mobile.

I would appreciate very much your help.

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Brian Batt

Hi Myres,

Did you test the content by using the method specified in that link?

Here’s how to test mobile playback on your computer in quasi-emulation mode:

  1. Navigate to the data folder of your published presentation where you’ve copied the mobile-player.swf file.
  2. Drag mobile-player.swf into your Web browser to view your presentation.
  3. Resize your browser really small to match the screen size of your target mobile device.  Resizing the browser taller than it is wide will auto-rotate the player to maximize playback size; this is to allow you to view the presentation either tall or wide on your mobile device.

Your mobile device controls will control playback; you can use your computer’s keyboard to emulate those commands:

Enter: Play / Pause

Left / Right Arrows: Previous / Next

Up / Down Arrows: Volume Up / Volume Down

Myres Hopkins

Thanks Brian,

Yes, I sucessfuly  tried before and I have no doubts it works. That is why I am mannualy adding the mobile player in the data folder of all my presentations believing that is the only way my clients can see in their Flash 3 mobiles.

I am in my 40th out of > 100 presentations and I just wonder if I am doing the right thing. Would you comfirm that is all I need to do and if I really need to keep doing this? Thank you very much for helping.

Dave Mozealous

Hey Myres,

What is your main concern about doing this?  It sounds like you are doing everything right if you are following that KB article...

Just a heads up though, the adoption rate of Flash Lite 3 has been really poor, when we actually released our Flash Lite player I think only 1 or 2 mobile phones had adopted it, so we were pretty cutting edge.  Unfortunately the adoption rate of Flash Lite has never really caught on, so if you are wondering if doing all this work really is worth the effort, I would say that it probably isn't unless you know your target audience has Flash Lite 3.  If it does than great, it probably is worth it.


Myres Hopkins

Hi Dave, thanks a lot. No problems about the work. Actually I got used to doing this from the very begining since I feel in love with Articulare.

My concerns came after reading again that instruction in the item 3 in "Here´s how to prepare..." that says to copy the data folder to my mobile device. Does that mean that I need to send this folder to my clients in separate? Or this is only for me to try it like in a 'back end"?

I use to tell my clients that they can se the presentations in their computer or mobiles as long as they have the Flash updated and Flash lite 3 (minimal) mobiles. If that is really all they need I am ok. But if I need to send them a separate folder I need to find a way to do that, if I really want dowloadable material.

Just to mention, altough I use Articulate for more than a year I consider myself a beginner. I use use only 15% of Articulate resources for a large scale production project, with pretty basic needs. Means, I have a lot to learn about Articulate.  Hope you understand.

Thanks a lot for the help and congrats for all your work done for Articulate. (smiles)