Are the links from one slide to another stored in the .ppta file?

I posted another post and didn't get a response so let me try and distill this further.  I've spend hundreds of  hours creating a presenter file that uses 200+ slides with some very intricate jumps from one slide to another.  All the work is dependant on those links.  I upgraded the file to Presenter 360 and that software didn't support the links from one slide to another, so I gave up and reinstalled Presenter 13 and pulled my old pptx and ppta file out of backup. Now, somehow, presenter thinks that my ppta file is from Articulate 360 and won't save or publish.  I have tried to delete the .ppta file and just open the .pptx file. that didn't work, even though that .ppta file doesn't exsist it still gives me that error.

Are the links in a presentation (jumps from one slide to another) contained in the ppta file?  I wouldn't think so, but I don't understnad why I can't just delete the ppta file and have presenter 13 recreate it.

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Jim Powell

To test this I transferred the powerpoint to a computer with no Articulate at all.  PPT loaded and the navigation between slides worked fine. So that answers the questinos about whether the links from slide to slide are in the ppta file. evidently not. 

Then transferred it to another computer that has never had Articulate 360 on it and loaded it into Presenter 13.  Navigation worked but then the same error popped up saying that the .ppta file was created with a new version and would not allow me to publish or preview or package the presenter file. Even though there WAS no .ppta file... I had deleted it.  I also had tried renaming the presenter program and doing a save-as a different name, and deleting the ppta file. Still nothing worked. There is something in the pptx file that somehow shows that at one point in time it had a .ppta attached to it from presenter 360. This is my third day messing around with this... this is a critical program to me.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim,

Apologies for the delay, I just responded to your other post here earlier today. Our team works through the forums from oldest to newest and as such sometimes there is a delay in when we'll get to a discussion. You can always reach our Support Engineers 24/7 here. It also looks like from this forum discussion yesterday that Alyssa opened up a case for you and I see that Karla has reached out. You'll want to look for the email from 

Although that issue is different than the one you mentioned here, likely Karla can assist with the other questions you have about the upgraded files, so I'm going to give her a heads up as well.