Are these products still in development?

I have owned the Studio '09 products for about a year now and have yet to see a major update, I am also subscribed to Articulate Online for quite a hefty monthly fee and the same thing.

Unless I see some movement in development I will be moving from this platform and cancelling my subscription before we get too many users on it.

The products are far from perfect, there are many great suggestions on the forums for improvements and not even so much as a blog about upcoming features and improvements.

Can someone ensure me that this product is actually under development, do you plan on improving any part of the suite any time soon or is it just good enough??



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David Anderson

Hi Scott and welcome to Heroes!

First off, you're right, it's been a longer upgrade cycle than usual. But the great news is that we're currently in public beta with our next generation authoring tool. It's called Storyline and you can read about it here.

It's a separate product from Studio and is targeted for release sometime this summer. Studio is also being updated and is expected to ship by end of year. Check out that thread for some info both from Articulate as well as users who have previewed Storyline at some recent conferences.

Hang in there--it's going to be a killer year