Articluate Comminicator Add-In keeps coming back on

I have another Add-In within PowerPoint 2007 that crashes when I have both the Articulate ribbon and the Articulate Communicator Add-Ins enabled.

So I disable both and can use this other tool without an issue.Fine so far.

However, when I exit out of PowerPoint and start it up again, I get the prompt telling me I don't have the Ribbon enabled. If I click "NO", I would have expected both Articulate Add-Ins to remain disabled. However, while the ribbon remains disabled, Articulate Communicator is re-enabled. This causes my other Add-In to crash again.

How can I keep both Articulate Add-Ins disabled until I want them enabled again? I should not need to go into PowerPoint options each time to disable Articulate Communicator (whatever that is).

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Jeff Schlaybach

Thanks Leslie.

I think for now I'll just disable the Articulate Communicator Add-In from within PowerPoint each time I restart it when I need this other Add-In that crashes.

I submitted a ticket to that company and hope they'll be able to make your two programs 'play nice' in the future.

BTW: When you get a moment, please fix my typos in the subject line of this thread - I don't seem t have the ability to do that, but it would help others when they search for this in the future.