Articualte can't find files


I have a problem similar to the one posted here in that when I click the 'edit in Engage' button I get an error message saying that the interction file cant be found. Even when I locate it manually (and it is definitly on a local drive and in the same folder as the powerpoint file), I get the same message. In addition to this, each time I add an engage interaction, 2 screens are added. One shows all the edits I make, but one is just the default screen.

Please can someone help!



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anna,

Thanks for confirming that you're working with local project files. The second issue that you're describing of inserting an engage interaction and having two screens sounds like odd behavior, which leads me to think you should start by conducting a repair of your Studio software (Studio 09 or Studio 13 directions). If you're still experiencing difficulty with inserting the Engage interactions or updating existing interactions are you able to create a Presenter package (Studio 09 or Studio 13 directions) and share with us here or send privately here?