Articulate '13 and PowerPoint 2010 & 2013

If course content is created using Articulate '13 & PowerPoint 2013, can that course content then be edited using Articulate '13 and PowerPoint 2010?

We are in the process of upgrading to Office 2013 and we want to make sure Office 2013 and Articulate '13 are compatible. We also want to verify the course content created with 2013 will be backward compatible with Office 2010

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Sandy Alton

Thanks Leslie.  I have another question.  If I have a course that was created using Articulate and it is not updating the learning history in our LMS, is there a support group at Articulate that can look at the course to see if there are any issues with it?  It was originally created using Articulate '09, and then it was updated using Articulate 2013.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sandy!

So you're saying that your updated course is not tracking in your LMS? 

Are you seeing the same behavior if you test your content in SCORM Cloud?

The forums are a great tool for getting assistance from other users and sharing learning experiences, but if you are having an issue with your LMS, you may have to go to them for assistance.