Articulate 13 can't upgrade any of my files?

Oct 25, 2013

I upgraded a few days ago from 09 to 13 - and I just now tried to open several of my files and they all gave me the same error message, "Your Articulate Presenter project cannot be upgraded to the new Articulate Presenter '13 file format."

I can't edit the slide properties or re-record narration or publish anything!  Help!  These presentations took me weeks (each!) to create, I CAN'T start over!!

If 13 won't open my files, can I go back to 09?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eileen and welcome to Heroes!

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you're experiencing, and I haven't seen that error message yet. Are you able to start a brand new file, just to test if your Presenter 13 is working correctly? If not, I'd suggest beginning with a repair of your Studio 13 software and the supporting Windows software.  Are you able to share your Presenter files with our team and they'll test it as well? Also, if you need to revert back to 09 they'll be able to help you - but we want to check on what's happening with Presenter 13 first! 

Eileen Gilley

Thanks for your reply.  I did try opening and manipulating other files and a couple small (past powerpoint/articulate) files worked fine.  Unfortunately, the ones that won't work are these ones:

The PowerPoint/Articulate files are big, one is 4MB and one is 8MB, so I uploaded the 4MB one.

I did do the repair and reinstalled the Studio 13, it did not make a difference.  I really really don't want to do the Windows software procedures, I would rather uninstall Studio 13 than to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office.  So I'm hoping it can be resolved without going there!

I really hope you can help!  Thanks...

Eileen Gilley

Jeff Schlaybach

Hi Ashley,

I am also seeing this error but believe it may be because the version of Articulate predates studio 9. Is there a way to tell what the embedded version of articulate is inside an older ppt file? The date on the file ins 2/2009 but I do not believe we converted to Studio 9 at that time due to issues of backward compatibility.

I was told Studio 13 was going to be able to reach way back to earlier versions, not just studio 9 and upgrade to 13.

BTW: I am not a member of the LTXC dev team yet - I start Nov 1st, but I'm trying to get a head start!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Eileen,

Can you share your case number with me for when you submitted your files so that I can check into it? 

Hi Jeff and welcome to Heroes! 

I'm not certain if there is an area within Presenter which would tell you which version it was created in, but if you'd like to share your Presenter files with our team they can take a look and see if they're able to replicate the behavior your describing. Please share the files here. 

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