Articulate 2013 and SharePoint

Apr 07, 2014

I cannot get Articulate 2013 videos do not play when I upload and check in the files into SharePoint 2010 or later.  When I click on the presentation.html link, I just get a blank page with no error or spinning wheel.  Anyone know how to get them to work?  We have to store them locally in order to share them broadly with the firm. The HTML5 version is not compatible with our computers.

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Jeff Kortenbosch

I've had success with Studio and Storyline projects on sharepoint (just upload in a Document library).  If all files are checked in and it doesn't work it's probably best to contact your IT department or Sharepoint coordinator.

Issues I have run into are:

  • File size restriction. Big video files simple where not uploaded
  • Script restriction. Not allowed to run any scripts on sharepoint
  • Forgot to check in all my files... (Doh!)

Good luck

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, all.

I wanted to circle back and share with the community that in Koren's case, her \presentation_output\ folder contained more than 100 files.  Her SharePoint Server's check-in page was limited to display no more than 100 files at once, and no one noticed that there could be more files on a subsequent page.

Once all files and folders were checked in successfully, the problem was resolved.  ...hope this helps another member of our community!

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