Articulate 360 has stopped working error - please help

Hi there!

I keep getting an error of: "Articulate 360 has stopped working".

It pops up randomly while working in PowerPoint and when I am trying to set up player settings. It has happened during publish too - but not as frequently.

It has got progressively worse where, today, PowerPoint crashed entirely and the screen freezes, forcing me to use windows task manager to close the program. I have tried redoing the presenter file, restarting my PC. The PPT file is a new one and linking within the presentation is brand new.

When setting up Player Settings it doesn't remember what I have chosen: I am doing linking in PPT only. I don't require any PREV/NEXT buttons and do not require branching through Articulate. Yet, after I have set these settings it refuses to remember them. It sets every single slide to "Automatically" and to include 'PREV/NEXT" buttons.

When I try to change these settings the application freezes.

Extremely frustrating to say the least!

I have an urgent deadline to work to and I can't afford problems like these - I  just want the program to work. I am current with all updates. This error has been appearing over the last couple of months but is at it's absolute worse now. I am running Windows 7, also current with all updates.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks a ton!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Lisa, 

That sounds incredibly annoying to have Powerpoint crash or have to reboot it often. It's not what I'd expect from Presenter within Articulate 360 either, so let's figure out how to get you back up and running!

You mentioned a lot of troubleshooting you've already done, so I'm asking our Support Team to reach out to you for some next steps. This way they can dig into some specifics on your system and what is truly causing that error. 

Keep an eye out for an email from and it'll come to the email address you're using here!

PTC E-Learning

Hello Ashley,

Thank you so much for the assistance!

An update: since I posted my message here, I went back to the file late that same evening and I was somehow able to get the Slide Properties settings I required to remain. No crashing, no error popup.

I had to set each slide individually though, i.e. remove the slide progresses 'automatically' checkbox so it's set to manual, as well as uncheck the 'prev'/'next' buttons. I have since been able to publish the module and it seems to have published fine.

Still, quite unusual behavior that went from one extreme to the next over 5-6 hours.

Thank you again for the reply, really appreciate it Ashley!